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McDaniel: If you assume they couldn't resign Lindor after this year, you could also see how this makes them better going forward. Now, Cleveland could afford Lindor if they really wanted to -- his 2022 salary will be well lower than every team's payroll -- but this is how Cleveland runs its franchise, so nine-figure deals just don't seem to be in the cards, right or wrong.Chicago White Sox Face Coverings

"I made guys believe; I made them believe they could win," he said in the course of a conversation that spring of 2013. "I did it by motivating them. I was asked all the time, 'You mean baseball players that make $5 million, $8 million, $10 million a year need to be motivated?' They do. That's what I did."Seattle Mariners Face Coverings

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“My view on that situation and similar ones are publicly known. I’ve written on this topic before. There’s no reason to go into it now, but I found yesterday disturbing on many different levels, and I’m sure most people did.Los Angeles Angels Face Coverings

Though Lugo has said he wants to start, there’s a stark difference in his results as a member of the rotation as opposed to the bullpen, and all of that points to using him as a reliever.

PJ Shelley no longer works for the museum, but when he was the director of programming there, he would conduct a tour called "The Signature Wall Spotlight" to tell the stories behind names visitors might not recognize. One of them was Clyde Sukeforth, whom he called the "Forrest Gump of baseball."Houston Astros Face Coverings

The Phillies continue to be engaged with both Realmuto and Gregorius. Though spring training is getting closer, there are still miles to go in the offseason. It might be a while before Realmuto and Gregorius find homes. But how things change. Early in the offseason, there was pessimism that the Phils would sign either of these guys. Now, we wonder if there's a way they could end with both.

Fans weren't allowed to attend regular season games throughout baseball last season due to the pandemic. A limited number were allowed at the NLCS and World Series, hosted at the neutral site Globe Life Field — home of the Texas Rangers.

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