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Jackson and the Ravens went into halftime tied 10-10 thanks to a touchdown run from the quarterback. He was going so fast it looked like the footage was sped up and he capped off the amazing play with a NSFW message for his haters.NFL Face Coverings Sales

Whether or not the location of the team's dancing was intentional or preplanned, it's clear that at least some Ravens were thinkging about their past, rivalry-building moments with the Titans.

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"I'm happy with where we are sitting in the Super Bowl and conference futures pools," Murray said. "The Bucs are a big loser, but I don't have a problem losing to a team that was that public and that trendy going into the regular season, especially one that will have to win three road games just to get to ... Tampa."


PJ Williams delivered a hard hit that forced what looked like a fumble which Malcolm Jenkins returned for a touchdown but it was ruled an incomplete pass and the Saints are challenging

Arians raised some eyebrows after the Bucs’ Week 1 loss at the New Orleans Saints. When asked what happened on Brady’s two interceptions, Arians talked about Brady’s mistakes publicly, which surprised some despite it being consistent with how Arians has coached in the past.Washington Football Team Face Masks


The wild-card round of the 2020 NFL playoffs concluded Sunday, which means six teams have now said goodbye to this NFL season.New York Giants Face Masks

"Seeing a guy like that who has been through as much as he has and continues to fight, continues to put himself in position to help this team, I can't give enough credit for that," McLaurin said Sunday after the win against the Eagles. "I like to see myself as built the same way. To be out here with Alex and get a win [Sunday], with all we've been through as a team and all he's been through individually, this one's pretty sweet."Buffalo Bills Face Masks

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