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Yes, the Eagles used a second-round pick on Jalen Hurts in last year’s draft. But that doesn’t mean a new coaching staff is all-in on Hurts and will just ignore the top four first-round passers this year.Tennessee Titans for Face Masks

Even more importantly, though, are the conversations at Prime 47 Steakhouse, the J.W. Marriott sports bar and in hidden alcoves of the Indianapolis convention center between teams and the representatives of the top impending free agents where the parameters of contracts are hammered out.


Nfl Face Masks With Filters

Trading or releasing Ertz before June 1 would save the Eagles nearly $5 million in much-needed cap space.


Georgia has four (!) CB prospects in this class: Tyson Campbell, Eric Stokes, DJ Daniel and Mark Webb, all of whom could be drafted. The first two will make runs at Round 1.Green Bay Packers for Face Masks

Anyone claiming that none of this matters or is easy to adjust for because of their amazing film-analysis capability is trying to sell you a subscription service.New York Jets for Face Masks

It always felt like Wentz was headed to Indianapolis and a reunion with Frank Reich, and the Colts perhaps were the only team with real interest.Los Angeles Rams for Face Masks

Graham, who had replaced a benched Danny Kanell as the Giants' starter 10 games into the 1998 season, opened and started nine games in 1999 before he was replaced by Kerry Collins.

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